Florida Media Misrepresents Gabrielle Giffords Testimony

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com reported today that the following Washington Post picture of  “Gabrielle Giffords’s handwritten testimony’ which went viral was NOT actually written by Giffords but by her SPEECH THERAPIST.

Twitchy noted that while the Washington Post posted a correction at the bottom of the article, it still maintained the headline “Gabrielle Giffords’s handwritten testimony”. At 9 pm tonight, Toad notes that the WaPo headline now reads “Gabrielle Giffords’s Testimony (photo).

Twitchy conceded that “even real journalists make mistakes” however Twitchy went on to point out that “some (mistakes) matter more materially than others. This one was not insignificant given the widespread emotional reaction it provoked and the bearing that has on the public policy and political debate”.

Earlier today, Toad noted that Amy Hollyfield, the assistant managing editor/politics at the Tampa Bay Times (according to her profile on Twitter) was on of the reporters that helped this picture go viral.

At 2:44 pm today Hollyfield re-tweeted the above Buzzfeed inaccurate tweet that describes the picture as “The Notes Gabrielle Giffords Wrote Herself For Her Testimony On Gun Violence”.  The mistake has been called to her attention, however she has yet to respond or tweet any correction.


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