Is Orange County School Board Just Pandering to LGBTQ Community?

Remember how Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette and his board buddies (Joie Cadle, Daryl Flynn, Kat Gorden, Rick Roach, and Nancy Robbinson) changed the school district’s nondiscrimination policy to include “gender identity and expression” back in December 2012?

Well, it looks like they better get busy IMPLEMENTING the new policy.

I have a child who is scheduled to take the ACT college test this Saturday, and I just received the following reminder:


The ACT administers this test in public schools throughout Orange County. It is recommended that Orange County students who plan to go to college take this test as well as the SAT as most colleges require them.

However, it looks like the ACT identification requirements for the students is in violation of the new nondiscriminatory policy! The ACT clearly states that “GENDER MUST BE CORRECT” and this is a form of bigotry as pointed out by the LGBTQ community.

The Sublette-led school board decided that restrictions on sexual “identity and expression” could not be tolerated and this ACT requirement clearly singles out “TRANSGENDER” and “QUESTIONING” — the Q in LGBTQ stands for “questioning” — students.

The gender they express on any given day may not necessarily match the gender listed on identification documentation such as a government issued driver’s license or school issued identification.

Do you see where this going? TOTAL CONFUSION! Are we no longer allowed to identify biological males or females, else be labelled a HATER or BIGOT? The entire process of “identification”  must be reviewed by the Orange County School Board because requiring a statement of  biological sex for purposes of visual identification is by nature discriminatory.

But, the Orange County School Board brought this on itself and I look forward to watching Bill Sublette and his board buddies deal with men disrobing their dresses in the girls’ locker room, boys participating on the girls’ sports team and male prom queens.

Welcome to the new normal!


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