“If Not Us, Who?”; A Question For Tea Party

Tea party activists won’t want to miss David Frisk,  author of ‘If Not Us, Who?’ recount the career of William Rusher as publisher of the conservative National Review and his role in the conservative movement from the late 1940s up until his death in 2011.

In the wake of a disappointing election, the lecture is particularly relevant because William Rusher, like many conservatives today,  wondered if the Republican Party would ever embrace true conservatism. It is necessary for today’s conservative movement to learn from past mistakes and re-group in time to seize the significant opportunities coming in the election of 2014.

The tea party must identify emerging leaders much like William Rusher’s early support of Ronald Reagan in 1967-68 while the Republican elites hesitated. Conservatives must forge ahead and not rely on the Boehners, Bushes, and McCains of the party.

Conservative intellectuals, policy makers and activists all have a role in keeping the Conservative Movement rolling.

Click on the book to link to the lecture.




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