Observations from a Viet Nam Vet – Women in Combat

Obviously, Leon Panetta wants to accommodate another wish of the “anointed one’, before he leaves office.  Where is HIS integrity and honor? Why force another “social engineering” policy of bringing more civilian human weaknesses into the closed, life and death stressful jobs, of the military. What about PRIORITIES? The military has double, the national suicide rate. The military has not determined why, even for non combat troops, and how to stop it.

The military has not yet determined how to train and minimize the stress of combat/other situations that cause PTSD.

The original Code of Military Justice was created when the military was 99% men. Now that woman are filling many more positions where men work, sleep and recreate, there are more cases of adultery (a serious military offense).  Recently a large number of officers/commanders were terminated because of adulteress affairs, cutting into leadership ranks. The Code of Military justice must be changed to accommodate the realities of large numbers of women serving in close quarters with men.

Once women are certified for combat, all women, at 18 yrs old, need to start registering for the Selective Service Draft, like all 18 yr old men. Their past status of “no combat”, kept them out of the draft.

Finally, the VA Health care system in over budget, understaffed, inadequate and cannot treat the thousands of mentally and physical injured men NOW, after 10 years of war.

Why does Panetta want to add more women, with combat injuries right now, to make care for existing VA patients who need services desperately, even WORSE?  Hmmm,Hmmm,Hmmm


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