Orlando Democrats to Celebrate Forty Years of Abortion

rockandroeThe Facebook page of the Orange County Democrat Executive Committee is promoting an event called “Rock and Roe”. The party announcement indicates Planned Parenthood of Orlando is hosting a concert in celebration of “40 years of Roe v. Wade”. Most Americans look at forty years of abortions, the termination of 55,844,404 unborn lives, as tragic but not the radicals of the Orange County Democrat Executive Committee.

These are the same radicals that claim they are protecting a woman’s right to “choose”. If they truly were concerned about the well-being of women, wouldn’t they want women to be given ALL the facts before making such an important decision? But, the left goes to great lengths to trivialize the situation and to silence those advocating for the life of the unborn. Thus, they hide the reality of the “choice”.

Recently, former Saturday Night Live comedian, Victoria Jackson, was banned by abortionleft-leaning Facebook for posting a pro-life article that included a graphic photo of an aborted baby. Jackson commented on her suspension saying, “So they can do it, they just can’t look at it”.

The Orange County Democrat Executive Committee has lost all sense of reality and this party proves it is bought and paid for by the for-profit abortion industry.  Abortion is not a cause for celebration!


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