A Response to the “Demand a Plan” Celebrities

Gee, look Hollywood is lecturing us on gun violence. They have produced a video entitled “Demand a Plan” and are collecting names on a petition that calls for federal legislation.

But who has gotten rich off glorifying violence in our movie theaters and on television, year after year?  These Hollyweirdos know they can count on the youth of America to blindly jump on the emotional bandwagon in the absence of critical thought and reasoning. Obama said today that he needs public outcry to enact his plan in DC and that’s what these celebrities are trying to deliver.

In response to the “Demand a Plan” video, somebody has posted a video entitled “Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves” at YouTube. While I wish it had another title, I think it does an excellent job exposing the hypocrisy of Hollywood.  WARNING: This clip contains many very violent scenes starring the very same self-righteous celebrities who lecture us.



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