Battle Ahead For Marriage, Life and Liberty in Florida

 I received a fundraising email from Jon Stemberger of the Florida Family Research Council today. I receive A LOT of emails asking for money. Here is why I decided to donate money to FFRC. Earlier this month, when the Orange County School Board was voting to change its policy to include “gender identity and expression”, it was Jon Stemberger who rallied parents and pastors to speak before the school board against this flawed policy change. Our republican elected leaders were noticeably absent to support our values.

Several years ago, I stopped contributing money to the republican party and many republican candidates because I figured out they do not actually support the principles of the republican party. After much research, I have determined the following organizations to be worthy of my support: the Senate Conservative Fund, conservative blogger Florida Political Press, conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, conservative grassroots American for Prosperity, Florida think tank the James Madison Institute, the Republican Study Committee and now Florida Family Research Council.

We have got an epic battle ahead in Florida, especially during the next two years. Embolden by Obama’s win and their sweep of Orange County, the democrats are preparing to wage a progressive war on our values like never before. Please read Jon Stemberger’s letter below and if you are with us, we need your support right now!
750px-Flag_of_Florida.svgDear Friend,

This is a CRITICAL time!

We are seeing early signs of SIGNFICANT ATTACKS on our values coming in the newly elected Florida Legislature, and we must be financially ready to fight these battles.

Will you help FFPC fight these critical battles with a generous year-end gift today?  Donate to help us here:

While we have all been enjoying the Christmas season, opponents to our values have been working continuously, even now, laying the groundwork for some HUGE battles in the Florida Legislative session.

The extreme pro-abortion organizations, big casino gambling lobbyists, and radical homosexual organizations and insiders are already on the move, planning to make their mark on Florida’s history.

Will you make your mark on history by continuing to support FFPC?

Please donate online here:

While the actual 2013 Legislative Session takes place in March and April, our newly elected officials are already being courted and called upon to promote legislation that we believe is harmful to the family. 

BUT we are there, in the Florida Capitol, to counter their efforts and promote legislation that protects life, marriage, the family and our liberties!

As our opponents become more aggressive each year, we have needed to start our legislative efforts earlier than ever before.  Would you help us today with a gift to support this early legislative effort?   (CLICK HERE to give securely online)

It is a privilege to be “your voice for your values” in our
state capitol, but this vigilance requires both ongoing
financial support and prayers. 

We must be in a position to effectively oppose the devastating proposed legislation coming, and to promote the positive legislation which will protect the most vulnerable among us, and protect Florida’s families.

Please consider helping Florida Family Policy Council before December 31st, 2012.

  1. Please give a special year-end tax deductible donation to help FFPC start the year strong and fight the upcoming legislative battles.  (CLICKHERE to give securely on-line) All gifts must be given on-line by midnight on December 31st, 2012 or postmarked by December 31st, 2012 or to be eligible for the 2012 tax year.
  2. Please forward this email to your family and friends who you think may be like-minded, inviting them to participate in the privilege of leaving a Legacy as they consider their year-end giving as well!

Thank you for your faithfulness!

John Stemberger
Florida Family Policy Council, President


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