Orange Co. School Board to Vote on Policy Change that puts Students’ Safety at Risk


Yesterday, Florida Political Press reported that the Orange County School Board (OCPS) will vote next Tuesday, December 11th, on whether to update their nondiscrimination policy for teachers and staff to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

The newly elected School Board member in my district, Pam Gould responded to an inquiry as to where she stood on the issue with the following email:

From: "Gould, Pamela" <>
 Date: December 4, 2012, 5:01:41 PM EST
 To: Subject: RE: School Board Meeting
 Thank you for your thoughts and input.   As I review the materials and learn the history of this  issues I will take all the information into consideration.
 I truly appreciate open communication and look forward to your input on future issues.
 Pam Gould

That is pretty much a non-response if you ask me.

The “gender identity or expression” is something that was recently added for consideration. And, it is not clear where the school members stand on this issue. It is important to understand how this additional change to the policy will be implemented in Orange County school campuses.

A homosexual website called Watermark writes this about the inclusion of “gender identity or expression”:

Clinton McCracken, an art teacher at Howard Middle School said he got this ball rolling two years ago. On Sept. 20, he urged the Board to include gender identity, as they initially were just going to include sexual orientation. Board member Daryl Flynn made the motion to include both protections, and board member Nancy Robbinson seconded the motion. Procedure requires another public workshop that includes the gender identity/expression language, so that will be set for December, and then the Board will vote on the policy at the next available meeting.

“We are striving to add these protections so that OCPS LGBT employees can do their best work without fear of discrimination,” McCracken said. “Our teachers and support personnel should be able to go to work every day with confidence that they are valued by their employer and that they are protected from discrimination in regards to their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. I want this policy so that our employees can feel comfortable to be their true selves.”

Read more at Watermark (warning: sexual material)

It is proven that accommodating “gender identity or expression” will put our children’s safety and well being at risk. Recently, there was a case in Washington state where a man exposed himself in the women’s locker room of a college where girls between the ages of six and seventeen were present. What’s even more outrageous is the college officials have decided that they cannot prevent him from using the women’s locker room and bathrooms!

There is also a case in Canada where a girl student who dresses like a boy has won the right to use the boys’ bathroom even though there is a non-gender bathroom available in the front office.

This sounds absurd, but this is the agenda of liberal sexual activists. Here is a link to more details about these cases:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This will pass unless school board members hear from you and your friends. Sexual activists are already organizing to attend the meeting in large numbers and to wear red to pressure the school board. I urge you to contact your school board members and tell them:  The nondiscrimination policy should not include “gender identity or expression”.

Their emails are available at this website:

Or call this main number: 407-317-3236

Board members are Joie Cadle, Daryl Flynn, Rick Roach, Pam Gould, Kat Gordon, Nancy Robbinson, Christine Moore and chairman Bill Sublette

To my knowledge, media like the Sentinel and local tv news channels have not reported much, if at all, about this issue and thus most parents are not aware of the upcoming change and how it could affect their children. I encourage you to alert your friends, neighbors and family to this!


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