Healthcare Exchanges:Obamacare’s Kiss of Death

Florida lawmakers are now faced with the decision of how to implement obamacare, specifically the state healthcare exchange.

It is imperative Florida lawmakers have no false illusions about obamacare. They need to understand obamacare for what it is and what it is not.

Obamacare is the means to an end for the Democrat Party. The endgame is to nationalized the healthcare industry. While democrats may call it single-payer, public option or expansion of medicare, Florida lawmakers need to understand that this the transition phase between a healthcare industry controlled by the free market and government-run healthcare with centralized and consolidated power in Washington, DC.

Any Florida lawmaker who goes into discussions and negotiations with Katherine Sebelius, Obama’s secretary of HHS Department, blinded to the real goal of obamacare jeopardizes the future of the private health care industry of Florida.

I am encouraged that state attorney general Pam Bondi sees the reality of the obamacare. Judging from comments she is reported to have made at a conference hosted by the chamber of commerce, it looks like she is willing to fight obamacare with every available tool in the shed. I only hope that Governor Rick Scott and Florida lawmakers will have the courage to take a stand with her against the over-reaching federal government.

The implementation of these exchanges, whether it be by the state or by the feds, is setting up the framework  for the advent of socialized health care across our nation. Obamacare is designed to fail. Obamacare will burden the private health care industry to the point of collapse so that the public option will be the only one for Americans. These health care exchanges that are being implemented are nothing more than putting the framework in place for the inevitable collapse of private healthcare industry. This is how the democrats plan to nationalize our healthcare industry.

The health insurance lobby in Florida will try to convince state lawmakers that Florida is better off  implementing its own exchange rather than letting feds do it. The insurance industry is seeking to carve out its own niche in government run healthcare. This does nothing more than to just buy time in a model doomed to fail.

I strongly believe states that do not become entrenched in obamacare will fare much better.

In the inevitable collapse of obamacare, would we not be better off if we did not have a massive public system rooted in our state’s healthcare industry? When obamacare fails, won’t our state lawmakers be blamed for implementing a doomed healthcare exchange program?  In the looming nationwide healthcare crisis, won’t Florida be better off to not have to rely on a the very federal government that orchestrated the crisis in the first place?

I encourage all Florida lawmakers to reject being a useful idiot of the Obama administration as they march our country toward the crown jewel of socialism: government controlled healthcare.

Read more about Pam Bondi’s remarks below:

ORLANDO — Florida Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leaders may have toned down their criticism of the federal health care law since President Barack Obama was re-elected, but not Attorney General Pam Bondi.

She blasted the president’s signature legislation during a video broadcast Wednesday at a conference hosted by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“We all know this law would never have gotten through Congress if it had been sold as a new $4 billion tax on the American people,” Bondi said. “In this case, the Constitution’s limits on government power did not fail. Political accountability failed because the president and supporters of this law apparently were not straight with the American people.”

Link to article


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