FL Democrats scoff at making College Affordable?

OH THE IRONY! Some Florida democrats are mocking Governor Rick Scott effort to make college affordable. Is this the Democrat Party that prides itself as the “defender of the middle class”?  As the governor’s $10,000 College Degree Challenge grows in popularity among community college leaders, are democrats really going let their hatred of Rick Scott stand in the way of helping Florida families afford a college education?

Mocking the challenge, perhaps democrats find it funny that the price of college tuition is increasing  at a higher rate than inflation and that more and more college students are graduating with no job and a huge college loan payment they can’t afford. For middle class Americans this is no joking matter. Democrats need to abandon their partisan rhetoric, and work together with republicans and college leaders to focus on making college tuition affordable.

Governor Rick Scott has heard the concerns of these Florida families and wants to find solutions. He realizes that simply subsidizing college does not solve the problem of affordability. Governor Rick Scott has tasked the college leaders with offering a sought after product/service at a reasonable price. Sounds like free market principles to me!

Here are the enthusiastic comments from the Florida Community college leaders:

Brevard Community College President Dr. Jim Richey calls the plan a perfect fit for the college’s mission to provide high-quality education and to keep costs low. “We’re strongly supportive of Governor Scott’s plan and intend to start examining four-year degrees that we could offer for $10,000 that would put more educational and career opportunities within the reach of more students,” said Richey.

South Florida State College President Dr. Norm Stephens said the college was accepting the Governor’s challenge “with enthusiasm,” and added, “Our goal is to make it possible for any student to pursue a bachelor’s degree through SFSC for less than $10,000.”

“We look forward to working with the Governor and the Florida College System to make college even more accessible to the citizens of our district,” said Chipola College President Dr. Gene Prough.

“We are pleased to accept this challenge,” stated Northwest Florida State College President Ty Handy. “The college will have to work hard but we are committed to giving it our best shot.”

Even some in the media are expressing support! Who knows, perhaps democrat hack Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel may overcome his Rick Scott derangement to see that not all problems are solved by more government spending! This from the Sun-Sentinel:

Scott’s challenge worth taking

Some are mocking the idea, calling it a political stunt or a gimmick. Others don’t think it’s possible.

But we like the challenge Gov. Rick Scott has put before the state’s 28 public colleges — previously known as community colleges — to offer discounted bachelor’s degree programs for $10,000 or less to in-state students.

If the challenge gets legislators and college officials focused on curbing the ever-increasing costs of higher education, as well as the explosion in debt too many students are taking on, it is a good first step.

Link to article


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