Angus T. Jones is right about Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones, who stars in the sitcom Two and Half Men, has denounced his own sitcom as “filth” saying that “you cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that”.  Sounds to me like he has wised up about the sexually immoral culture of today. But if the show cans him,  will he be able to forgo the $350,000 per episode that he currently enjoys?

Because the entertainment industry has become such a wasteland, I have not watched a prime-time show in over a decade, except for Extreme Makeover and some American Idol episodes. Only because of Charlie Sheen’s extremely public breakdown, have I even heard of Two and a Half Men.

Reports say that Jones’ mother is in contact with the sitcom’s producers with concerns that Angus has been brainwashed by religion. I would say that she should be thankful that her son is overcoming the brainwashing of the celebrity pop culture of our day. Much of the youth today draws its morals from the likes of Lady Gaga and Hip Hop artists.

I hope that Angus T. Jones is able to continue his walk with Jesus and that his faith matures and bears fruit that will lead others to Christ. Because of his fame and fortune, he is vulnerable to those who seek personal gain. I pray that Jones is able to surround himself by Christians whose only desire is to serve the Lord.


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