Scott Maxwell, Liberal to the Last Drop

The Orlando Sentinel columnist, Scott Maxwell, penned the article “Oh, nuts! It’s secession talk again,” ridiculing those who signed online petitions to secede from the United States of America.

In his first sentence, “Once upon a time, society had the decency to keep its nut jobs largely under wraps”, Maxwell expands his judgment to any who claim to understand the frustration of Americans who believe the federal government is expanding its role beyond the constitution and who also believe a $16 Trillion (and growing) national debt is unsustainable. Maxwell specifically singles out Governor Rick Perry for giving these “nuts” credibility.

Petitioning the government has long been the right of Americans. In fact, these petitions are an online feature that team Obama launched as a way for “Americans to engage with President Obama and his Administration”. In a statement, Obama said the online petition feature is a part of his pledge “to make government more open and accountable to its citizens.”

Here is the video that team Obama released with the launch of this white house website petition feature:

After watching this patronizing video, it’s obvious that only a naive, idealistic, liberal college student would actually believe that ANYBODY in the Obama administration, let alone the curiously monochromatic board featured in this video, gives one hoot about these online petitions. Most Americans can see right through this nonsense.

Any reasonable person who signs these online petitions certainly realizes that they are just an Obama gimmick. It is doubtful that the signers expect anything to materialize from this feature. In fact, there is even a petition at the website to shut down the White House online petition feature stating that the petitions never get a sincere response from Obama, few people read them and they are ultimately worthless. Having people sign these petitions is just a way to make team Obama look ridiculous in having to address the matter.

So, back to Maxwell and his decision to devote an entire column to this matter. His agenda is simple. He will marginalize all who are politically to the right of him. And, judging from his liberal columns, that’s a significantly large number of people. Maxwell is nothing more than a liberal hack who wraps himself in faux objectivity.

If Maxwell is indeed correct in his presumption that those on the political right who seek to show their frustration with the direction of the federal government by joining with others in signing an online petition to draw public attention to their concerns are “nut jobs” then why does Maxwell make no mention of his pals on the Left when they take to the streets calling for revolution and secession?

The first “nut job” that comes to my mind is anarchist Timothy Osmar, otherwise known as the Orlando chalker. Osmar, a member of the now nonexistence Occupy Orlando, was very unhappy with the American government, however rather than signing an online petition to show his frustration, Osmar wrote his slogans calling for a revolution all over the public sidewalks by city hall, day after day.

Surely, this is the kind of “nut job” that Maxwell calls on society to have the decency to “keep under wraps”. Surely, Maxwell, in his mockery of those who sign online petitions, would include some ridicule of those who write on public sidewalks about overthrowing the government!

Maxwell did indeed devote several of his columns to the chalking incidents but rather than belittle Osmar for his radical message, he defended Osmar’s right to call for a revolution on the sidewalks of Orlando and attacked all those who tried to stop the nonsense.

Another radical element Maxwell deliberately ignores is the National Council of La Raza, a front group of the Democratic Party that according to Judicial Watch receives millions in federal funds from the Obama administration. Human Events reveals the real agenda behind the La Raza movement is the “Reconquista” Plan or the reconquest of the Western United States.

The reconquest plan calls for Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State to be surrendered. La Raza regularly turns out illegal immigrants who proudly defy the immigration laws of the United States. Watch this teacher from Los Angeles speak at a reconquest rally:

Yet another radical group Maxwell curiously neglects to mention is a militant group called Florida New Majority.

Badili Jones, an officer at FL New Majority is also a prominent member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organizacion Socialista del Camino para la Libertad. On their website, Freedom Road outlines their support for self determination and secession of black people in the United States, as well as Latinos, Asian-Americans, Puerto Rico, and native Americans.

The members of the Orange County Democratic Party readily partner with the radicals of Florida New Majority. Susannah Randolph, wife of former state representative and newly elected tax collector and also Democrat county chairman Scott Randolph, has aligned herself with Badili Jones. Furthermore, Scott Randolph as an attorney represents a coalition of progressive organizations, including the OC Democratic Party, Organize Now and FL New Majority, in its paid sick leave initiative in Orange County.

So, it’s plain to see that Scott Maxwell’s manufactured outrage at people who have signed online petitions is nothing more than the Left’s agenda to push the narrative: “Republicans are radicals”. Maxwell may fancy himself some kind of professional but really he is little more than an Alinsky community organizer with a keyboard rather than a bullhorn. Maxwell’s columns offer no critical thinking and no clever insight, just tactics from his Rules for Radicals handbook.


One thought on “Scott Maxwell, Liberal to the Last Drop

  1. That’s how it is with the lefty type who has a venue in which he can be heard. They whizz on your leg and tell you it’s raining. They are the same liars that they were when they were children. There are millions who beg for this and more. And that will not change unless we change the culture and leave this type, and those who believe he hangs the moon, with nothing but each other.

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