Honor Flight

Honor our Veterans!

Please watch these trailers for Honor Flight, The Movie

For more information about how you can be apart of  Honor Flight at Reason.com

I’d like you to also take a look at how the democrats trashed the World War II Memorial on October 2, 2009 after attending the ONE NATION Rally hosted by MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. The usual high profile Obama-loving leftist groups were in attendance at this Marxist rally: Code Pink, SEIU, NEA (teachers’ union) and the LGBT activist community. Pay special attention to all the “FORWARD” signs strewn all over the place. It’s interesting that the democrats leave all this litter behind while priding themselves as the environmentally-friendly party.

You say-But, this is typical of a large gathering on the nation’s mall to leave trash behind. Well, I guess Tea Party is an extraordinary group because their rallies are known for leaving the mall in better shape than how they found it.

God Bless Our Veterans! Pray that our country can endure four more years of radical rule.


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