A Christian Perspective on Winning & Losing Elections

I dealt with the outcome of the election by doing housework and playing scrabble with the kids while listening to the soothing melodies of Frank Sinatra. Even though many of my horses didn’t win their races, I didn’t feel despair or abandonment. As our country turns its back on God, as a Christian I will still yearn for His righteousness with hope and joy because I know His story is one of redemption.

Here are some excerpts from the statements released by some of the Florida religious community:

From John Stemberger of Florida Family Research Council:

In politics, as with evangelism, God simply calls us to be faithful to the message and the task. The results are in His providential hands.  When history is behind us, we rest in His sovereign plan.  We do our best to promote the virtuous and expose evil and deception.  We work hard to elect the most principled candidates.  We steward our citizenship by educating ourselves and others and voting with the best possible information we can find.  But once we have discharged our responsibility, we can be satisfied and feel God’s pleasure in the fact that we were simply faithful. Read more>

From Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel:

The event we have just witnessed was far more than a general election – it was a referendum on the soul of America. We grieve today like we have lost a friend or a close relative. Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it. Some Christian observers called the Democratic Party platform for 2012 a “Romans 1 Platform,” and they were right. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and immorality carried the day. Read More>

From the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Disappointing outcomes on Amendments 6 and 8 will not deter continued pursuit of life and liberty Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops grateful to supporters for dedication and commitment;  will continue to pursue protection of all life and work in defense of religious liberty.The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops expresses sincere gratitude to all Floridians who voted ‘yes’ on Amendments 6 and 8 to the Florida Constitution. Those who worked diligently towards their passage these past weeks and months are to be commended for their unwavering commitment to uphold life and liberty. Read More>

As I see more reaction coming in, I will update this…




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