Obama’s America: A Cultural Wasteland of Virtue

In the midst of the inevitable finger-pointing and second-guessing that follows last night’s catastrophic loss, Bill Whittle rises above the pettiness and small-thinking to establish clarity of vision and resolve in these uncertain times. The reality of the election is that we are living in a cultural wasteland and our nation is adrift in a world seduced by evil. Now that our country has arrived without a doubt at the tipping point, Bill Whittle sets forth a new beginning as we navigate in Obama’s America.


One thought on “Obama’s America: A Cultural Wasteland of Virtue

  1. Today, some pundits and bloggers are saying what I have been saying since the first presidential debate: Mitt Romney did not explain conservatism. He didnt show how his ideas are just not “jobs jobs jobs”, which was what 0bama was saying. He had to show how creating jobs using a conservative technique works and why it is better than what Obama has been doing and will continue with.

    Some are saying that its because Romney is not really conservative. There may be some of that, but I think its Republican Party input that guided Romneys’ message; they dont like conservatism, they dont think the people are interested in it. Translation: The Republican Party prefers to operate the way it has been by continuing to keep up with the times so that it can do so. This means pull away from good old conservatism.

    Our own lack of success validates the idea that people dont want to hear it. For four years we have opined, pontificated, demonstrated, argued, exposed the facts, and introduced the thoughts of the most brilliant minds in the conservative milieu. That got us another four years of Barecch Obama.

    I don’t want to spend the next two years, and the two after that, wasting my time talking to people who dont care, dont get it, or somehow benefit, either materially or emotionally from perpetuating a leftist society. The idea is to work around them and Mr. Whittle here is suggesting a way we can do that. I think we should consider the ideas in his video, that is, when we are done mourning what happened on November 6 2012.

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