Early Voting Numbers give Democrats No Reason to Celebrate in Florida

Even the drive-by media can no longer ignore the lies coming from the Obama campaign:

From the Miami Herald:

Obama campaign chief Jim Messina misquotes Florida tea-party activist’s email

In a conference call with reporters today, President Obama’s campaign manager boasted about the Democratic ground game and how the vagaries of the Electoral College disfavor Romney.

“We have the map and they have the myths,” Messina said.

But he then engaged in some myth-telling himself when he talked about the Obama campaign’s turnout machine in Florida (which is doing well).

 The article describes the democrat turnout machine as “doing well” in Florida, but as Tampa Bay Times points out when compared to the 2008, the Obama campaign is not performing “well” at all:

But a Republican yesterday noted that at this point in 2008, Democrats held a 134,774-vote lead in Florida. As of yesterday. Democrats led by less than 41,000 – a nearly 70 percent drop.

The Obama campaign does not dispute those numbers.

Breitbart.com points out further reasons for republicans to be hopeful  to win Florida:

For those of you saying, “That’s all well and good but Obama is still ahead,” here are more hard numbers: 2.2 million early votes have thus far been cast in the Sunshine State. This isn’t a juicy-juice poll, these are cold hard numbers. Among those early votes cast, Democrats are only up 43-41%.  Yes, that’s still a two point lead, but Romney is winning Independents in Florida by anywhere from 6 to 10%, and thus far 17% of Florida Indies have voted early.

That likely isn’t enough of a cushion to overcome the two-point deficit, but it’s just a fact that on Election Day, Republicans turn out at a higher percentage than Democrats. Also, the most recent polls out of Florida do not in any way match up to the actual early vote numbers. Rasmussen has Obama winning the early vote by 10 points but still losing 50-48% to Romney. It’s not lag time, either. Rasmussen’s poll was taken last Friday. The actual early vote count showing Democrats only up 2% was released yesterday.

The just-released Quinnipiac polls showing Obama up one in Florida shows Obama beating Romney by six-points with early voters. The last date of this particular survey was Sunday. So there might be a lag-time, but a jump in four points in just two days with 2.2 million early votes already cast is a huge jump and unlikely.

Finally, almost every poll, including today’s from Quinnipiac, show Republican enthusiasm at or nearing a double-digit advantage over Democrats — and we Righties like to vote on Election Day.

As Breitbart.com points out, righties like to wait for Election Day to vote. Because of this and because the ballot is long with amendment issues, voters can expect unusually long waiting times. So, my advice to you is to NOT  wait until Election Day!  And, I’ll give you an even better reason to vote early. On Election Day, it has been predicted that the Obama campaign will dispatch what’s called “STACKERS” to the polls in republican districts!  Stackers are people who wait in line and cause further delays at the voter check-in desk. Their goal is to cause long lines that will make voters walk away without casting their ballots.






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