Relax Central FL, That Stark Raving Lunatic Is Just Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Don’t be alarmed Central Florida if you happen to come across a stark raving lunatic walking the streets of our fine community… nothing to fear, it’s just former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Granholm, who garnered quite a bit of attention for her “animated” speech at last month’s Democratic National Convention, is in town to spur a little excitement for Barack Obama’s failing candidacy – I guess the Democrats are going for the long ball in trying to fire up the base here in Florida!

(Steven Rattner, formerly President Obama’s car czar, said of her DNC performance, “That’s not the Jennifer Granholm I knew, let’s put it that way. She must have had some medications or something in her system.”)

She may need additional medication after she sees yesterday’s report from pollster Frank Luntz, who no longer sees Florida as a ‘swing state’ and has moved it into the Mitt Romney column.


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