Orlando Dem Activists Attack “Won’t Back Down”

Why would a box office hit about two determined women coming together to transform their children’s failing inner city school cause an such outcry and protest among democrats? In the movie Won’t Back Down, two mothers, one a teacher, risk everything, overcoming a powerful and an entrenched bureaucracy, to make a difference in the education and future of their children.

When, according to the U.S. Department of Education, 79% of the eighth grade students in Chicago do not have grade-level proficiency in reading, reports CNS News, why would anybody want to trap these kids in these failing schools? Why would anybody not want to inspire these students and parents to hope for a better future and to work to change what is wrong?

Nevertheless, the democrat radicals have come together to attack this movie. The democrat activists of Organize Now in Orlando retweeted a tweet from a San Francisco liberal radio personality.

Another Orlando liberal activist, Billy Manes at WMFE also took issue with the profit Won’t Back Down may haul in, warning moviegoers the filmmaker was after the cold cash in their wallets. Does Manes take issue with other Hollywood blockbusters that bring in millions in one weekend and the lavish lifestyles of Hollywood celebrities, or only with those who don’t share his ideology? In his review, Mane mocks the notion of concerned parents petitioning their children’s failing government school in order to remove incompetent teachers and staff. Petitioning government? Gosh, I thought that is what democracy looked like!

The liberal message is clear here.

How dare these inner city poor families hope for a better future and how dare they think they know better than a government bureaucrat! Liberals have created “model” housing projects, “model” inner city schools and “model” welfare programs by expanding government’s role. The possibility that these programs have failed will not be entertained for a minute by democrats.

In Uncle Sam’s Plantation, Star Parker explains that the poor who yearn for a better future beyond the liberal model of government entitlement must be destroyed for leaving the “government plantation”.  The democrat party’s goal is to expand government dependency. It is liberal lies that perpetuate poverty and rob people of their human dignity.

Here is the trailer that threatens liberals because it inspires people to take responsibility for themselves and for their families! Follow Won’t Back Down on Twitter at @WBDmovie





2 thoughts on “Orlando Dem Activists Attack “Won’t Back Down”

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