Ballot Issue:Judicial Activism in Florida

During the 2010 session, the Florida legislature passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would have placed the Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the November 2010 ballot. However citing “misleading” language, Florida Supreme Court justices removed that amendment from the ballot. Rather than allowing the amendment to be re-worded, they struck it out entirely, denying Floridians a vote on the historically important issue of health care freedom.

Florida voters need to call on the Florida justices to stop this JUDICIAL ACTIVISM!

Fortunately, because of the merit retention process, Florida voters will finally have an opportunity to make their voices heard in November. Three of Florida’s justices will be on the ballot: Lewis, Pariente, and Quince. Floridians can vote to have them removed from the state supreme court.

“Unelected justices too often choose to read new rights into the Constitution, at the expense of the democratic process.” – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

For more information watch the video below and sign “You be the Judge” Petition.

On Twitter, follow @SladeOBrien @AFPFlorida @FloridaJustices @JesseMPhillips and trend the topic at #YouJudge

Americans for Prosperity Facebook page

Restore Justice 2012 Facebook page


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