SHUT UP, Mr. Grayson!

Alan Grayson is my former congressman. While Grayson was in office, I attended the Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC hosted by Glenn Beck. Mr. Grayson, in his usual despicable manner, described the rally attendees as “people who were wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago.”  When the person who is suppose to be representing me, personally attacks my character and tries to provoke me in a such a manner, I don’t forget it.

So when Todd Long, after being repeatedly interrupted by Mr. Grayson in the debate last Monday, told Grayson he could “shut up”, it made me think of how I would LOVE to tell Grayson to shut up, too. When my 82 year old dad heard of Long’s remarks, he said “I’m glad somebody finally told the blowhard to shut up.”

Recalling all of the inflammatory, outlandish rhetoric that came out of Mr. Grayson’s mouth during his 2 years in congress, makes this video even more entertaining!

MR. GRAYSON, SHUT UP!!!!  Contribute to Todd Long’s campaign HERE so we can make sure that nobody EVER has to be represented by Mr. Grayson again!




One thought on “SHUT UP, Mr. Grayson!

  1. The icing on the cake was when Grayson feigned outrage over being told to shut up. While Grayson was trying to whip up some ill deserved sympathy from the audience, he was met with a collective “crawl back from under the sludge you came from” sigh! Priceless!!
    Todd Long is a better person than me, I would have taken great joy from telling Grayson to STFU!

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