Julia-fication of American women is a “Fluke”

Grassroots conservative activist and commentator, Dana Loesch subbed for Glenn Beck’s radio show today. Having just returned from the Republican National Convention, Loesch told the audience of how Sandra Fluke, the darling of the left, showed up in Tampa to speak about women issues. When challenged by Loesch to debate women issues Fluke chickened out, said Loesch.

Loesch describes Fluke as a fabrication of the Obama Campaign in order to create a liberal narrative. Fluke is not just a concerned citizen, she is a “birth control advocate” according to Loesch.  Loesch says that ‘private citizens’ usually are not represented by the Knickerbocker PR firm that is run by Obama’s former communications director, Anita Dunn. Also, Loesch points out that Fluke had communicated with millions of Americans through a letter via email which is also not typical of a ‘private citizen.’

Democrats believe that government-provided birth control will be a key issue in this presidential race for women. Fluke is becoming a key figure in the Obama campaign and will be a featured speaker at the democrat convention this week. It is seems that Fluke has become the personification of “Julia” from the extreme statist literature “The Life of Julia” in which Julia relies on government intervention throughout her entire life.

I believe that Sandra Fluke, the law school graduate, does not speak for all women. Most women do not want to rely on government to meet their needs. The “julia-fication” of American women will only expand the nanny state with cradle to grave dependency.



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