Will Democrats ignore Voter Fraud in Florida?

Most Americans have lost faith in our politicians. But what if we lose faith in our electoral process itself?  Naked Politics reports on a voter fraud investigation in South Florida:

Miami-Dade voter-fraud case widens

Of the 31 absentee ballots that have become the focus of an investigation into possible election fraud in Hialeah, at least one appears to have a forged signature.

The ballot belonged to Zulema Gómez, 81, who entered a nursing home five months ago suffering from Alzheimer’s and a brain tumor. On the ballot’s envelope someone wrote: “The lady is my sister. I sign like this because she has arthritis + she has difficult signing. Thank you.”

However, her sister, Olga Gómez, said Wednesday that she never wrote that message. Two weeks ago, she said, Daisy Cabrera took the blank absentee ballot and promised to go to the nursing home in Miami Springs and deliver it to Zulema. The sisters have known Cabrera for four years, when she visited them during the 2008 presidential election to help them with their absentee ballots.

Read more at http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/08/miami-dade-voter-fraud-case-widens.html#storylink=addthis


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