Democrat Types Want the Republican Party Back

It frustrates tea party when it appears that our losses exceed our successes.  We have learned that things don’t change as quickly as we would like.  We have an almost overpowering backlog of  items in queue that we are working on.  Every day we wake up to at least five more events that chip away at our liberties.    The battles of Monday find themselves back-burnered when on Tuesday morning we learn that we have bigger fish to fry.

Still, tea party has become and will continue to be a force to be answered to.  We ARE having an impact and this is evidenced by (but not limited to):   the longevity of the Republican presidential primary, the healthcare debate, the Presidents’ refusal to meet with his Republican House, voter fraud awareness, no federal budget in three years (some Winter Park Republicans hate tea party for this), the failure of unions to take power of Wisconsin politics,  ”State Sovereignty” coming to the fore in some States, tea party constituents running for office and winning.  I am proud of what we have accomplished.

But this here gives me a major puff-up.    The lefties (and no doubt some Winter Park Republicans!) want the Republican Party back.    We should be honored and fired-up to keep on truckin’!   And because as a conservative I understand and accept the truths of human nature, I am not ashamed to say that I am just a little bit snarkily pleased over the idea that the lefties are crying for what used to be.

Going around FB recently:


One thought on “Democrat Types Want the Republican Party Back

  1. It’s because of the Tea Party that the “Republican Party” is coming back to it’s original values of smaller government, family values, strong defense, and individual liberty. What “used to be” is that the Republican Party became Democrats and the Democrats became Commies ! This is why returning to “original values” there will never be any compromising. Not happening ! In November, we MUST win the Presidency, House & Senate for America to be restored to US Constitution….

    Thank You,
    Teri De Castro
    Las Vegas, NV

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