I’m Evolving……

It is beginning to dawn on me that there is a very good possibility that the Republican Party is not going to be the party of the conservative.

This past Saturday I participated in a precinct walk for Sandy Adams.   Our Adams “selling point” was that she is the fiscal conservative, and that her opponent John Mica is the tax and spend incumbent who, after 20 years in office,  has passed his usefulness and is part of the DC culture that is spending this nation into oblivion.    Anyone who sees that the United States is teetering on the edge of out-of-the-closet collectivism and fascist government control immediately understands how important it is that those we put in office be conservative.   The folks we talked to had no such understanding.

Rather, they were concerned, among other one issue wonders, about slippery roads, if the conservatives are going to attempt to repeal Roe v  Wade, and that they dont like tea party because it has kept this congress from compromising on so-called “jobs” deals that require tax increases.

It occurs to me that these Republicans are perfectly content to see our tax obligation as up for grabs, as long as the funds are allocated to things that they care about.  They appeared to have no concern regarding the big picture; loss of liberty, big government dictators, confiscation of property thru taxation.   I finally understand why some say there is no difference between the two major political parties.

As conservatives, I believe we are going to need to form our own party.  I am willing to work for our success, now,  in what most of us see is the most critical election of our lifetime.   But it’s time to start thinking and acting upon a strategy for when we want to leave;   it will be too late to make a move if we wait until we have to leave.


4 thoughts on “I’m Evolving……

  1. Good points and I liked your article. I have been thinking for a while that there is going to come a time when we might need to form another Party. Both of the Established Parties are not real conservative. Thanks for the article.

    • When I was writing this I was thinking about Rush. Because he often talks about what “we” are about (he uses the word “we”) — but I wonder if he thinks thats what the party is about – or — could be if we accomplished changing its direction. He would not want to see us leave the GOP.

      • I was thinking exactly what you wrote above, re: Rush’s idea on forming another party…..he nixed the idea many months ago….I was seriously thinking of getting out of the R party because in most instances, there is no difference in the R’s and the D’s. What Ron Paul says appeals to me more and more ……I only wish he stood a chance !!!!!!!!! And if he did stand a chance, put people in like Allen West, Michelle Bachman, Sara Palin, Jerry Boykin, Thune, and others of this caliber. The motto: NO TIME FOR EGO TRIPS!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!
        Rush is very big on “W~43″…I remember him telling about being invited to the WH ……I would love to this day to have a chat with W. No one was a bigger fan than I. But he let me down by some major things he said and did secretly. He could have gone out a hero if only he had done a few things……denounce bonesmen club, take back the statement about islam being a peaceful religion, build the wall not the NA super highway, no amnesty and secure the borders!

  2. I was raised a Democrat, left the party during Carter, but couldn’t stand to think of myself as a Republican. But I finally joined the GOP to try to influence. I agree, that is not working out, when GOP obviously did everything they could to get our newly elected Tea Party Congress people out during this election. Boehner, McCain and Rubio going after Bachmann this week, might have been the last straw for me. I’ll work this election, but if Sarah Palin where to yell “let’s get out of here”, I’d beat her to the door.

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