Gov. Scott will not campaign in GOP primaries

Re-read my headline.

The governor will not use the power and prestige of his office to influence GOP primaries around the state. What is your opinion of Rick Scott for deliberately refraining from influencing the republican primaries?

Now read the headline that Steve Bousquet of the Tampa Bay Times chose to run:

“Gov. Rick Scott invisible in GOP primary campaigns”

Just another Scott-bashing headline that the liberal media uses to negatively impact the public opinion of  Governor Scott. But, let’s get beyond the slanted headline. Buried in the story Rick Scott is quoted as saying:

“I’m not planning to get involved. Let the primaries work. I’ll be supportive of the Republican candidates after the primaries.”

Just think if the exact opposite were true and Governor Scott were out on the campaign trail handpicking candidates who then may have unspoken obligations to the governor and his agenda. I would venture to say the headline would run something like this:

“Kingmaker-wannabe Gov. Rick Scott expects political payback for endorsements”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the news media reported the news rather than try to shape public opinion by running dimwitted headlines with a liberal slant?

You can find Steve Bousquet and Tampa Bay Times on Twitter at @steveBousquet and @TB_Times


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