It’s not MY job to help the needy, It’s government’s!

This is the mentality that socialism breeds.

Awhile ago, Elton John called upon Florida’s governor to not make funding cuts to a drug assistance program for people with AIDS, going so far as calling it criminal to do so. The then-surgeon general of Florida responded to John’s demand by requesting that he do a concert to help fund the program.

The Miami Herald reports that the singer did not take kindly to this suggestion. “It’s not my job to [fund a state’s AIDS program] it. It’s the government’s priority to do that. I can’t do benefit concerts for Florida, for the people with AIDS in Florida. It’s their responsibility; they need to do what’s right,” Elton said.

See, that is what socialism is about. Shifting the responsibility from the individual to the state. Elton John calls on the government to fund his favorite cause as if the government has some infinite supply of money, as if the government doesn’t first have to take the money from somebody (the taxpayer) who more than likely earns far less than Elton John, in order to give it to somebody who Elton John has decided rightfully deserves it. Do not do so would be criminal Elton John says.

Is government’s role is charity? And, if it is, then are we all off the hook for helping the needy?

Elton John complained to Gov. Scott about funding cuts, was told to do a concert

Gov. Rick Scott has made his way into the pages of a new memoir by singer-songwriter Elton John.

A year ago, Sir Elton, as he is formally called, penned a letter to Florida’s governor complaining about the administration’s plans to change the eligibility requirements of Florida’s Aids Drug Assistance Program, suggesting it would “eliminate access to life saving medication for thousands of low income Floridians living with HIV/AIDS.”

Sir Elton, along with his civil partner, Elton John AIDS Foundation Chairman David Furnish, warned the governor that lowering income eligibility could cause as many as 1,600 people to lose their assistance in obtaining antiretroviral medication as well as the 3,900 people on the waiting list — the longest in the nation.




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