Floridians like the STAND YOUR GROUND Law

Left-wingers have mounted a campaign against Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for its support of Stand your Ground laws. They have threatened to boycott corporations that are members of ALEC. Under this pressure, Coca-cola chose to drop its membership in ALEC READ HERE .

But, is Coca-Cola doing the right thing in caving to the radical left?

A poll shows that these Left-wing activists do NOT represent the average American who supports the right of self defense legislation known as Stand your Ground.

Florida Decides Poll: Floridians want Stand Your Ground law to stay

When 28-year-old George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and argued the Stand Your Ground law, saying he was protecting himself, the application of the law has come under question and scrutiny. Despite the controversy, though, most Floridians say they think the law shouldn’t be changed. READ MORE

This is the same as the Voter Law. While the radical left, including Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder, doesn’t support voter photo identification and verification of the voter rolls, Floridians do. READ HERE

The radical left is detached from the average American.



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