Cover up at Obama’s Department of Labor?

After a year-long government probe into Florida Workforce, Obama’s U.S. Department of Labor has nothing to show for it and doesn’t even want to discuss it!

Workforce programs are nonprofit job agencies that receive federal funding. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 (Obama’s stimulus package), state workforce agencies across the country received a total of $4.81 billion to supplement their regular funding.  These agencies were to provide “one-stop job assistance” through training programs and information.

Workforce Central Florida specifically came under fire by the Orlando Sentinel for its contracting practices (HERE) and its “Cap-A-bility” (HERE) progam. Last summer, Workforce Central Florida was served a subpoena by the feds, but as reported by Sentinel the agency’s interim chief said he’s not aware of any contact since then.

Recently,  The Sentinel contacted the U.S. Department of Labor for an update on its investigation initiated over a year ago.  A spokesman for the Department told the reporter that he could not comment on any aspect of the investigation and he refused to explain why he could not make a comment.


This comes from the administration that pats itself on the back for its accountability and transparency!  Where is “Sheriff Joe” Biden when we need him?

Recall Biden’s promise of stimulus oversight in this video.


If it weren’t so pathetic, I’d laugh. How stupid do they think we are?






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