Democrat’s new campaign tactic: Stalking

Conservative blogger Yid with a Lid writes about the newest campaign tactic that democrats are implementing: STALKING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. The Democrat Party of JFK has been hijacked by union thugs, radical secularists and liberal activists. We must not tolerate this intimidation! Edmund Burke once said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Wake up America!
From Yid with a Lid:

Democrats Try New Campaign Tactic–STALKING

How DARE they run against Democrats!  Across the country Democrats are stalking Republican candidates and posting the raw footage on line.  We are not talking about showing up and video taping town halls, no these operatives are taking pictures of candidate’s homes and following them as they do normal household activities.

That ratcheting up of the video surveillance game is unnerving Republicans who insist that even by political standards, it’s a gross invasion of privacy. Worse, they say, it creates a safety risk for members of Congress and their families at a time when they are already on edge after a deranged gunman shot former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords 18 months ago.

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Reid Ribble, who said he’s also been followed by a cameraman when shopping for groceries, said the home videos cross a line.

“I feel it’s totally inappropriate,” said Ribble, a freshman facing a competitive race for reelection. “It was disturbing to me that they would put that online. I don’t understand any political benefit that can be achieved with that.”

In Ribble’s case, a clip of his northeastern Wisconsin home appeared online June 18. The soundless video — which lasts 38 seconds — is taken from a car sitting just outside the house. The shot pans across the large home, showing it from several different angles.



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