The States Have the Right!

There are other things we can do:

What Next?  Nullify!

Senator DeMint and Congressman Bachmann are contacting state governors and urging them to not make preparations for the implementation of 0bamacare.   Governors Bobby Jindal (LA –my personal Veep choice),   Scott Walker (WI), and Rick Scott (FL) have already announced their intent to not move forward.  I am grateful for those advocating this tactic and all for it.

This strategy is predicated on the belief  that we will turn the 113th Congress over to competent people who will repeal this gross and unlawful power grab and then take action that moves this country to affordable and robust health care options.

Fussing with the feds has me fed up.   Our governors, our state legislatures, and even like-minded federal representatives, should be moving to declare the rights of states which are guaranteed by the 10th amendment to the US Constitution.   It is time to swell the demand for state sovereignty and 10th amendment rights.

Let those who want to be the welfare states they love so well remain subservient to the Feds; they don’t have to participate and they can always move to one of the states that are doing so much to destroy liberty for the rest of us.


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