Conservador in the I-4 Corridor: How Mitt wins

Florida is a crucial swing-state in the presidential election. And, the central part of Florida, known as the I-4 corridor puts the “swing” in the swing state. To the south, we have liberal Miami urban sprawl. To the north, we have conservative “south Georgia”. Here in the center, this is where the battle for the state of Florida will happen.

Democrats lick their chops at the demographic shift over the last decade. They are counting on the Hispanics to be a monolithic voting block, like the black vote. However, the Hispanic group has internal diversity. The messages of hard work, Christian-Catholic values, equal application of the law, pro-life, and family values appeal to many Hispanics. Republicans need to reach out to key leaders in the Hispanic community and start a conversation of the values we share.

Tampa Bay Times will print an interesting article tomorrow featuring Osceola County and Puerto Ricans. You can read the article in its entirety below. I cut and pasted an important part that will encourage Republicans to embrace the conservative message:

Romney doesn’t need to win Osceola County; he needs to trim Obama’s margin. The Puerto Rican voters here lean heavily Democratic, but not fiercely so. Jeb Bush won Osceola. So did Marco Rubio.

Amid the rain on Buenaventura Lakes last week, it was easy to find Obama supporters saying he inherited a mess and deserved a second term. It was only slightly less easy to find Romney supporters.

“I planned on voting for Obama, but then he came out for gay marriage. I don’t agree with that and can’t vote for him,” said retiree Efrain Rivera, a recent transplant from Puerto Rico.

Most common were the sentiments of people like Carmen Cornillie.

“I’m not paying much attention. I don’t know if I’ll vote. Maybe I’ll just stay home and watch TV,” she acknowledged, chuckling at the suggestion her community is a central battleground in the presidential election.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

Too often, Republicans believe they have to change the message in order to get votes. This is not the case. Republicans should stand by the conservative principles of the party. After talking with Hispanics, I learned that one of the most important things the Republican Party can do is to have the message in Spanish. While many Hispanics can speak English, Spanish is still their choice of language to read. Having conservative news websites in Spanish is key.

I believe Romney can win Florida, but it won’t be by ignoring the Hispanics in Florida. It will be by bringing the message to the Hispanic Community en Espanol.


Link to article:

Growing Puerto Rican population near Disney will be critical in picking a president



One thought on “Conservador in the I-4 Corridor: How Mitt wins

  1. So if Romney has the right vision and free market plan for the economy, but supports gay marriage, we would lose blocs of voters who would essentially choose the welfare state for us all because they are turned off by the one issue? And conversely, blocs of voters who fully understand that the current administration is taking us all to the poor house, is turned on to said administration because it says it supports gay marriage? This country has gotten so dense with a varying populous and leftism has succeeded in diluting the basic values that when applied make a success of a country conceived in liberty. Even as I play this game with strategy that is tied to the ideas and suggestions mentioned in the subject column, I find myself courting the idea of an entirely different model; state sovereignty and disunion.

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