DNC booting DWS!

Javier Manjerres of Shark Tank reports that the DNC is preparing to fire Debbie Wasserma-Schultz after November’s election. Wasserman-Schultz was known as polarizing and controversial leader, even before Obama handpicked her for the DNC chair. So it comes as no surprise that her leadership has been plagued by controversy from the get go.

I am surprised that she lasted this long! But, I’ll be sad to see her go!

DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Getting Booted

Back in April, the Shark Tank floated the likelihood that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz was perhaps on her way out as DNC Chairwoman. We now have learned that Wasserman Schultz will not be back as DNC Chairwoman after the November elections.

According to our source within the Democratic Party, who is also a close associate of Wasserman Schultz, the arrangements have already been made for her to leave DNC  regardless if President Obama wins re-election or not. READ MORE


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