NBC’s Fast & Furious Complicity

If you watch the news, you likely don’t know much about Fast and Furious. However, this has been unfolding for over a year. It’s important to not lose sight of the fact that border patrol agent Brian Terry lost his life in December of 2010 and his family seeks justice.

While those in the mainstream media have ignored this investigation, Katie Pavlich of Townhall has done excellent, ongoing investigative reporting on fast and furious. You can read her updates here. I would say that she has been relentless in pursuing leads and keeping this story in the public eye.

In October of 2011, A CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discovered DOJ memos that revealed A.G. Eric Holder lied about his knowledge of the gun-sting known as Operation Fast and Furious. When Attkisson contacted the DOJ to get more information, a White House representative cursed at her on the phone. Attkisson was then interviewed by several FOX news hosts about the  hostile encounter with the White House. The WeeklyStandard reported that after these interviews at FOX, CBS suddenly made Attkisson unavailable for further interviews.

At NBC, there had been a total blackout on Fast and Furious reporting until Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News informed his viewers of the controversy for the first time last week! But, after ignoring the scandal for 18 months, Breibart News reports that NBC’s Williams still distorted Eric Holder’s testimony.

Now that the leftists can no longer ignore this story, they will try to silence the voices of who those who seek the truth. Get ready for  the intimidation and ridicule, Saul Alinsky 101.

Those who have followed this Fast and Furious investigation liken it in magnitude to the Watergate scandal, “only with a body account”.



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