The “Coincidence” of Fortnight & For Greater Glory

Timing is everything.

A movie called “For Greater Glory” is playing in movie theaters this summer. It is based on the true story of the Mexican government’s assault on the Catholic faith and religious liberty during the 1920’s.

While this movie was in production, no one could have foreseen its release coinciding with a major uprising in the Catholic Church called “Fortnight for Freedom”. From the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

The fourteen days from June 21—the vigil of the Feasts of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More—to July 4, Independence Day, are dedicated to this “fortnight for freedom”—a great hymn of prayer for our country. Our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power—St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter afortnight-for-freedom-montagend Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome.  Culminating on Independence Day, this special period of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action will emphasize both our Christian and American heritage of liberty. Dioceses and parishes around the country have scheduled special events that support a great national campaign of teaching and witness for religious liberty.

The message of religious liberty portrayed in “The Greater Glory” uncannily parallels Obama’s recent assault on the freedom of the Catholic Church.   The timing of the movie’s release in the midst of this epic struggle between Church and State only makes the impact that much greater. Like the saying goes, coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous!

We must learn from history, as George Santayana said “those who can’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. This movie, based on a true story, serves well as a harbinger to awaken those who travel on the road to tyranny. blindly.

While the movie has an “R” rating, it is definitely one you won’t want to miss! Check out the preview:


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