Jihad by Ballots not Bombs

An alarming video was posted at Walid Shoebat, the website of a blogger who describes himself as a former Muslim Brotherhood member turned peace activist.

In this video a Muslim scholar is teaching his students that an Islamic state can be established in the West with a stealth political strategy. He uses a term “Dawah” which means inviting non-Muslims to embrace Islam.

While this scholar is teaching students in Great Britain, one has to wonder if turning the United States of America into an Islamic state where Shariah is the law of the land is not also part of the agenda.



One thought on “Jihad by Ballots not Bombs

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s interesting to see this tonight; earlier today we just happened to see “Arabia” IMAX at Orlando Science Ctr. It was beautifully done and quite informative, but in the end just very well done propaganda. Dawah for sure. Stealth jihad? Absolutely. Not one word about sharia. The few women in the film seemed happy, healthy, and wealthy. Being shown in theaters all around the country. Free with admission to the museum! What could be more convenient? So many school children in the audience.

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