Disney and Michelle Obama Team Up To Ban Junk-Food Advertising

Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama and Walt Disney Chairman and CEO, Robert A. Iger held a news conference in Washington to announce a new junk-food advertising ban on Disney programs targeting children.   Ok, Disney is not a government entity and can do what they want, I have no argument with that.  I do, however, have a problem with the partnership between the First Lady and so many food corporations, trying to “nudge” me and my family’s eating habits.

Stopping this advertising is symbolic and won’t take place for years, since many ad contracts are already in place.  Kind of like the President’s Health Care Bill that will save money and lives, but not go fully into effect until after the next election, sometime in 2014.   Seems weird to wait, if it will do so much good, right?

Will the Mayor give us little calorie counters as we enter Main Street USA? Will Disney stop SERVING these bad, unhealthy foods immediately?   If so, then I stand down, but I bet the advertisers wouldn’t like that.  If not, then you’re hypocrites and don’t care two wits about my family’s health or weight.  If you are so concerned about us, I will expect to have ZERO smoking on all Disney properties, because smoking kills 400,000 people per year in America.

My BMI is completely in check, thanks for asking.


2 thoughts on “Disney and Michelle Obama Team Up To Ban Junk-Food Advertising

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