Who is Stealing the Florida Vote?

The collective left is SCREAMING about the “purging of the voter rolls” in Florida and that Governor Scott is “STEALING” the election! From MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to Central Florida’s own Congresswoman Corrine Brown, liberals are calling on Rick Scott to stop validating the voter rolls. Some of this outrage comes from people who have yet to concede the 2000 presidential election. Sun-Sentinel quotes Rep. Alcee Hastings as referring to the 2000 election as “the stolen election”!

Let’s apply some common sense to the situation at hand!

Can we find some common ground here? The goal of reasonable people is to conduct a valid election. In order to safeguard the integrity of the voting process it is essential to verify that each potential ballot comes from an eligible voter. The only way to ensure this happens is to update the voter rolls routinely. The state is in the process of doing this but the Left is trying to convince the public that there is some great CONSPIRACY to steal the election!

Below is a portion of a post at the website of Florida Watch Action calling for anybody who has received a letter from the state about their voter registration to contact them. Florida Watch Action is headed by Susannah Randolph, the former political director of ACORN and also the former campaign manager for Alan “Die-Quickly” Grayson. It is important to note ACORN is the organization that was involved in voter fraud scandals across the country including arrests in Florida and was stripped of all federal funding in 2009. Mrs. Randolph is the wife of state representative Scott Randolph, democrat county chairman who is seeking to be state chairman of the Democrat Party. Last year, Rep. Randolph got the public’s attention when he allegedly physically and verbally attacked fellow democrat, Daphne Campbell, on the floor of the state house.

Removed from the voter rolls? Let us know!

County officials are mailing letters to people who face potential purging from the voter rolls. The letter indicates that the voter is illegally registered to vote and that the very act of casting a ballot would constitute a third-degree felony. The letters also make clear that those who wish to appeal the state’s finding have 30 days to provide evidence of citizenship or their names will be purged from voter rolls. The letters do not specify the documents required to prove one’s citizenship status.

We are working with our partners to stop Pink Slip Rick from stealing the 2012 election. Our first step is contacting people who have received these letters.

                       ****color added by me for emphasis****

The shear IRONY of a former ACORN director accusing somebody of “stealing the election” causes me pause!

Why does the notion of a state-wide voting database in which the validity of each voter is routinely verified strike such fear into these progressive democrats? Florida Watch Action accuses Governor Scott of trying to “steal the 2012 election” by requiring our election supervisors to be vigilant to vulnerabilities in our election process. Voter rolls are being checked and cross referenced. That process requires suspect registrations to be further documented and thus verified. To equate this with criminal activity is just irresponsible!

Another thing I hear from the democrats is that voter fraud is so insignificant that we should not be concerned about it. They have called requiring a photo identification a form of voter suppression. In fact, leaders in the democrat party have asserted that states’ voter ID requirements are racist and equated them to the Jim Crow laws. So-called moderate Senator Bill Nelson participated in this manufactured outrage by hosting a Senate hearing to determine whether these new voter laws violated anybody’s civil rights.

But, let’s remember that the presidential election of 2000 was decided by the state of Florida where it came down to a 537 vote difference. This shows why no amount of fraud can be tolerated or overlooked. We must make sure each vote counts!


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