America Is Solidly And Fundamentally Progressive

The Progressive Left are beside themselves with glee based on the determination by The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur that America is “solidly and fundamentally progressive.”

Uygur made that determination based on three issues; Contraception, Legalized Marijuana and Abortion.  Watch the video and then I’ll explain why what you see is just more propaganda and distortion by the Progressive Left, all carefully designed to advance their agenda.

Remember, tell a lie often enough and people will come to accept it as the truth.

As you see, Uygur cites that 89% of Americans believe contraceptives are morally acceptable, but then goes completely off the deep end when he states Catholics “make sure that they discriminate, even against non-Catholics, in not allowing contraceptives.”  A blatant lie.

And, naturally, there’s no mention of Obama’s mandate that forces Catholics to act outside of their religious beliefs.

Next is the legalization of marijuana.  The poll referenced is Rasmussen, which shows 56 % favor legalization.  Since Rasmussen does not give historical data, we took a look at Gallup data, which reflects a similar outcome.

What is immediately noticeable is there has been a distinct change in the past 5 years – in 2006 60% opposed legalization, compared to 46% in 2011.  In the same time period, 36% approved in 2006, while 50% approved in 2011.

When examining methodology, Gallup conducts surveys via phone, with a 60-40 ratio between landlines and cell phones.  Rasmussen uses online methods instead of cell phones.  And therein lies the probable explanation for the sudden change in results.  Cell phone usage and online activity have exploded during this same time period – just under 15% of the world used cell phones in 2002, while today well over 60% use them.

Older Americans oppose legalization by a far greater percentage than younger Americans, yet are the least represented demographic via cell phones and online activity.  Hmmmm.

Finally, we have abortion and our Young Turk plays the semantic game to the hilt.  He takes great care to frame a specific question; should it be a woman’s choice to decide whether to have an abortion or not?  Which is a different matter altogether from whether abortion should be legal.  He then takes the response to the first question and applies it to the second.

In truth, the numbers who think abortion should be legal are almost identical to where they were in 1977, while the numbers who see themselves as ‘pro-choice’ have been trending down and is now at the lowest point since 1996 at 41%.

So there you have it.  Based on three select issues, where the narrative has been framed on false and misleading information, the proclamation is made that we are a “progressive” country.

Yet, we see the manipulation again and again in both the methodology and the framing of the question. If you ask someone if they want to end wasteful tax giveaways to corporations, how many are going to answer in favor of wasteful giveaways?

As Mark Twain said, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.  While the Far Left and their allies in the media will run with the idea that America is a Progressive nation, the truth is we remain a center-right country.


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