Congressional Speech Is Dumb, But Is Orlando Sentinel Coverage Dumber?

With the national debt closing in on $16 Trillion and another vote to raise the debt ceiling just around the corner, with Obama’s yearly deficit averaging $1.2 Trillion and the Democrat controlled Senate having gone more than three years without passing a budget, the Orlando Sentinel focuses on the grade level of speech in Congress.

Study: Congressional speech is dumber – or maybe more plain-spoken – than it was 7 years ago

Naturally, the source – Sunlight Foundation – finds “the most conservative members of Congress speaking on average at the lowest grade level.”  Although, Rep. John Mica was the highest scoring member – which may explain why he comes across as speaking Greek.

And the Sentinel fails to note that House Republicans speak at a higher grade level than President Barack Obama – the GOP’s 10th grade speech level ranks two grades higher than Obama’s rhetoric.

Apparently, Corrine Brown was left out of this study.  On her own, she would bring down the liberal average 2 grade levels.


3 thoughts on “Congressional Speech Is Dumb, But Is Orlando Sentinel Coverage Dumber?

  1. This is embarassing. People in her district need to wake up and vote for someone with a grasp of the language. If you haven’t seen improvement, then she needs to be voted OUT…..No matter party or color

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