GOP’s War on Zombies

Miami Herald reports (words in red denote my thoughts and were not included in original article (obviously)):

About 53,000 dead people on Florida’s voter rolls

AP: Florida is calling on county election supervisors to remove more than 53,000 dead people from the state’s voting rolls. (WHY are 53K dead people on our voter rolls?)!!

State officials this year checked Social Security files and concluded that people who died were still registered to vote. This was the first time the state checked the files. It was allowed under a controversial election law that passed the GOP-controlled Legislature last year. (“THIS YEAR”? “THIS WAS THE FIRST YEAR THE STATE CHECKED THE FILES”? “IT WAS ALLOWED”? Silly me, I thought keeping the voter rolls current and valid would be a job requirement of election supervisors EVERY YEAR)!

An attorney with the Department of State told election supervisors on Wednesday they have seven days to remove a deceased voter from the rolls. (When my mother was making me do something I didn’t want to do, she only gave to the count of 3).

But some supervisors want to know if they will be given more proof that the voter is dead. (“Proof”? As in, skeletal remains?)

The move to remove dead voters comes at the same time when state officials are pushing to remove thousands non U.S.-citizens from the rolls. (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Bill Nelson and Eric Holder released a statement denouncing the GOP’s WAR on ZOMBIES, just joking)


One thought on “GOP’s War on Zombies

  1. “(WHY are 53K dead people on our voter rolls?)!!”

    Well, about 170,000 people die in Florida each year, and dead people are notoriously bad at taking care of little details like deactivating their voter registration. 53,000 is just a few months’ worth of deaths. Only in the most frightening big-brother, big-government scenario would the government know immediately when someone died and immediately remove that person from the voter rolls, so a bit of a lag is to be expected.

    And the fact is, not only is there no confirmation or even allegation that any votes were cast in these people’s names after they were dead, but there’s also no independent confirmation that all of them are even dead. On the contrary, county election supervisors are already reporting that they’re finding errors on the list, and some of these people are actually alive and well.

    The headlines are nice and sensational, but in reality this was just a waste of taxpayer money instigated by a law passed by the Republican dominated Florida legislature — many of whom laughably claim to be fiscally conservative.

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