Florida Schools Fail Students, Lower Standards to CYA

WKMG – Click Orlando reports today that……………….. 

The Board of Education decided in an emergency meeting Tuesday to lower the passing grade on the writing portion of Florida’s standardized test after preliminary results showed a drastic drop in student passing scores.    Full text here…FCAT

I am not an educator, I am not part of the elite class of academics, but I am a Mom and a taxpayer in the state of Florida.  As this Mom sees it……….

This emergency meeting was successful in taking teaching out of the equation and blaming the test.  If this was a physical terrorist attack, it wouldn’t do as much damage as allowing our children to float around in our schools, not learning basic communication skills.   “My kid is doing great, my school is great, shouldn’t teach to the test” comments make my head explode.  This should be about ALL kids, all schools, not just your own.  My parents, my husbands parents and we have collectively sent 25 children through Catholic School, without one complaint about the taxes we have paid for the good of all children being educated.   Imagine where these scores would be if we didn’t teach to the test.  Didn’t really even succeed in that task.  I don’t know the answer, but more THINKERS rearranging the deck chairs, is not it.   I remember when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers and then restaffed with some veterans and some new blood.   Seems like a  good idea to me.  This includes superintendents, principals, teachers and government agency officials.  If all of these smarties can’t figure out schools, it might be time for a good old fashioned “do over”.

I call on Governor Rick Scott to treat this as he would a terror attack.   To allow the perps to navigate the fix is why we have these problems.  None of these students will be able to get that last school year back.


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