Alan Grayson Has Answers To Our Economic Troubles

It must be tough being Alan Grayson… every week you have to send out a fund raising email that tops the previous week’s bizarre offering.  After a while, the pressure must be daunting.

So after last week’s despicable effort that disparaged our troops, who were in the process of being transported into harm’s way, our trial lawyer friend who made his way in this world suing defense contractors has decided this week to share his economic wisdom with us.

His advice?  Don’t cut spending.

That’s right, Alan Grayson wants us to stop cutting our spending.  If you’re spending more than you take in – don’t cut.  If you are running record deficits – don’t cut.  Just don’t cut!

The reason we have high unemployment, according to this Far Left buffoon, is because of local government layoffs.  He doesn’t mention what these local governments are to do if they don’t have the funds to pay these employees – perhaps he would refer them to California for advice.  Grayson also fails to mention that from September ’07 to September ’11, the number of federal employees increased by 14.4%.

And, to make his point, he references none other than Spooky Dude, a.k.a George Soros, who, while not busy collapsing the currency of some random country, said; “You can’t cut your way out of a recession. You have to grow your way out of a recession.”

Of course, growth to the Far Left is more government spending.

And to further reiterate his point, Grayson falls back on NY Times columnist and Far Left journo-terrorist Paul Krugman, who believes that we just haven’t spent enough money to solve our economic troubles.

There are many problems with this whole line of thinking, but the most glaring of all is that we have not cut any spending!  Sure there’s been lots of talk from politicians about cutting, and plenty of smoke and mirrors to give the impression that cutting has occurred.

But when you get down to hard numbers, no cuts;

FY 2010 Budget Deficit – $1.29 Trillion
FY 2011 Budget Deficit – $1.30 Trillion
FY 2012 Budget Deficit – $1.32 Trillion

And despite the efforts of the tea party over the past three years, spending in FY 2012 is higher than FY 2011, which was an increase over FY 2010, which, you guessed it, was higher than FY 2009 –

And with this mentality, who among us thinks it a good idea to give the Far Left four more years to control our economy?


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