Where are Photo’s of Damaged Korans?

President Obama’s administration is endangering the lives of our soldiers by not allowing the media to publish pictures of damaged Koran’s, desecrated by terrorist bombs?

 Tens of Millions of Muslims walk around all day carrying Koran’s. Thousands of Koran carrying Muslims, are being blown up, dismembered, burned and killed in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan yet NOT ONE picture of a blown up KORAN by terrorists has been published. Not even a burned or ripped out page lying in the dirt with body parts,excrement and blood. Where are all the pictures of desecrated Koran’s from 55 dead, 15 bags of human remains, 370 people injured in Syria YESTERDAY? Why isn’t the Western media publishing (Internet,TV) pictures of these damaged and burned Holy Koran’s, by terrorist and their bombs.

Even over the entire last 10 years, after thousands of Koran carrying Muslims have been blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan by terrorist, NOT ONE PICURE OF A BLOWN UP KORAN was ever published. How is that even possible?
Is President Obama cooperating with some Islamic decree, no pictures of damaged Koran’s?

The president must start a campaign immediately to have our media, the military press and others start publishing pictures and descriptions of desecrated Koran’s, damaged, blood stained and ripped apart by TERRORIST bombs and firearms.

By: Contributor Quantumspeaks


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