Alan Grayson Disparages U.S. Servicemen On Way To War

Former Congressman Alan Grayson is desperately trying to make his way back to Washington D.C.,  running in a new congressional district more left leaning than his previous district, which is now represented by Daniel Webster.

It’s no secret that Grayson is a far left pacifist that has little use for the military, unless he’s making millions filing lawsuits against it’s contractors, but even for his lowly standards, he seems to have gone too far this time.

Only Alan Grayson is capable of sending out a fundraising letter that begins by disparaging our troops who find themselves being transported into harm’s way – despicable doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Is this the type of person that the citizens of Central Florida want representing them?


Dear Friend:

Welcome Sign at Kandahar AirfieldIn the airport in Atlanta yesterday, I happened to be standing next to some American soldiers, wearing camouflage, on their way to Afghanistan. They knew the name of the province that they were going to, but they were arguing over what part of the country that province is in. One said the east. One said the south. One said the west. One of them thought that their destination was near Kandahar, but then they started arguing over where Kandahar is located.

I hope that they get it all sorted out before the shooting starts.

If they don’t know what part of the country that they’re going to, then what are the chances that they speak the local language? (There are 48 different native languages in Afghanistan.) What are the chances that they know anything about Islam? (Which is practiced by more than 99% of all Afghans, language differences notwithstanding.)


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