Obama; ‘Forward’ To The Past

The Obama campaign unveiled its new slogan, “Forward.”  A slogan that borrows from decades of communist iconography, typical not only of Soviet propaganda but also of propaganda throughout the communist world, from the 19th century to the present.  A few examples from Breitbart;

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published several articles in 1844 in the pages of the short-lived Vorwärts! (“Forward!”), an important radical journal that was later emulated by communist and socialist publications throughout Europe.

In Italy, the late nineteenth-century socialists borrowed the term “forward” for their own newspaper, Avanti!, which was later edited by Benito Mussolini before he was expelled from the Socialist Party.

U.S. immigrants steeped in the heady politics of late nineteenth-century European socialism founded the Forward, a Yiddish newspaper.

But even more unsettling is Obama’s new campaign slogan happens to be a Nazi marching tune – keep in mind that the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Starting to get the feeling that the Far Left is mocking the country?  Or are they just confident that America is so brain dead that no one is paying attention?

  Vorwärts! Vorwärts! was a marching song of the Hitler youth.


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