Sweet Tweet

Today’s Sweet Tweet comes from former Fox News anchorman, Brit Hume:

Conservatives on Twitter are trending at #SaySomethingNiceAboutObama. In response to the Obama campaign’s upcoming conference “to train an army of women”, conservatives have taken to twitter to mock Obama. Politico reports that the women’s conference has training sessions entitled “Talking to Your Neighbor: Persuading Women Voters,” “”Talking about the President’s Accomplishments,” and “Crafting Your Personal Narrative.”  Conservatives, in an attempt to ridicule this strategy to program to the obamabots, have offered their own humorous and sarcastic talking points and scripts via Twitter.

Brit Hume jumped into the fun with a particularly biting tweet on a couple levels. While likening Obama’s out of control spending to that of Greece which is teetering on economic collapse, he also took aim at Obama’s refusal to acknowledge American exceptionalism as unique.

Brit Hume is no stranger on Twitter. Earlier this week, he schooled Bill O’Reilly on the importance of Twitter for political activism. Click on the picture below to link to Mediate.com to view the segment.



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