Marco Rubio’s security is threatened

Miami Herald reports:

Marco Rubio threats investigated by police in US Capitol, West Miami

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was the subject of a threat deemed credible enough to merit police protection in Washington D.C. and at his home in West Miami, The Miami Herald has learned.

The freshmen Senator has rocketed to national political stardom in recent weeks as he jumps to the top of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s shortlist of potential running mates. From CNN to the Daily Show, Rubio has become a staple of cable-news chatter about whether Romney would offer him the spot and whether he’d take it. Rubio also plans to release an autobiography in June.

But the fame has made him not just a magnet of criticism but now the target of a threat, Rubio’s office confirmed. No additional information about the threat will be released for now. The U.S. Capitol Police, in conjunction with the West Miami Police Department, are providing security and investigating. Neither agency could be reached for an official comment.

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