Gov. Scott signs Energy Law into Law

The republicans of Florida, including Governor Rick Scott, still want to reserve the right to pick the winners and losers by using the tax code. Against the objections of thousands of tea party activists across the state, the governor signed Adam Putnam’s energy bill into law.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Upsetting tea party, Scott allows energy bill to become law

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott disappointed tea party conservatives Friday by allowing a bipartisan energy proposal championed by Republican Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to become law without his signature.

Scott was intensely lobbied to veto the bill by Americans for Prosperity-Florida, a tea party-backed group that orchestrated more than 5,000 calls and emails. The group believed the energy legislation, which includes $100 million in tax incentives over five years for companies that invest in alternative energy, would result in wasteful government spending.

In a nod to the group’s concerns, Scott said he would call for the law’s repeal if it failed to produce “significant cost savings for the state’s taxpayers.”



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