State Rep. Scott ‘Uterus’ Randolph To Run For Democratic Party Chair

State Rep. Scott Randolph has let it be known that he plans to go after the state Democratic Party chairman post.

Scott is best known for attacking fellow Democrat Rep. Daphne Campbell last year on the House floor for her support of an abortion bill, where Scott flew into a fit of rage and threw papers, and for making the claim that he was reprimanded by Republican leadership for using the word “uterus” on the floor.

As for being the Democrat Party chair, why not?  This is not JFK’s Democrat Party any longer, it has come to be dominated by far left progressive socialists and none fit that bill better that this Alan Grayson wannabe.

Of course, Scott’s run for his re-drawn legislative seat this fall is in a “highly competitive” district, so he better not get too distracted!


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