MSNBC: Don’t Stray from the Narrative

It isn’t so much the facts or the evidence of the Trayvon Martin case that matters to the liberals of NBC/MSNBC, it is the managing of the narrative that is important. Those who stray from that narrative, will be prodded to get back in line.

As a case in point, last Friday, Piers Morgan of CNN battled it out with  Toure’, an MSNBC contributer.  After an interview Piers had with George Zimmerman’s brother (George Zimmerman is the killer of Trayvon Martin) on his CNN show the previous night, Toure’ had taken to Twitter to launch an attack against Piers for what Toure’ saw as a softball interview. The segment of Piers and Toure’ on CNN is worth checking out (HERE). Toure’ declared that in the halls of NBC, they are laughing at Piers Morgan for his so-called journalism. This is definitely interesting in light of the fact that it is NBC who has come under fire for editing Zimmerman’s 911 phone call to make his  remarks sound racist (HERE).

But, Piers Morgan is not the only one in the media who has come under fire by those at NBC/MSNBC. About a week ago, Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC’s Last Word accused Orlando Sentinel journalist Rene Stutzman of misrepresentating the facts in her report. Lawrence’s interview on MSNBC triggered many to lash out at the Sentinel journalist on Twitter. Here is a sampling of that out lash that was collected by Twitter account “EmoNegor1”:

Here is the video of Lawrence’s interview with Rene Stutzman:

So, as a conservative it is interesting to see the leftists at the Sentinel react to this browbeating from MSNBC, the national creme de la creme of liberalism. The online producer of social media for the Sentinel, JerriAnn Sullivan (“Jerriann”, Twitter account), has tweeted links to articles that analyze the journalism integrity of the Sentinel’s reporting (HERE and HERE). But, I wonder will she realize that it is not the facts and the evidence of the case that matter to liberals like Lawrence O’Donnell (and Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz, and Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann-oops, nevermind). What matters is that they control the narrative. The Sentinel staff found out the hard way that straying from the liberal narrative will not be tolerated in their liberal circles.

The only condolences I can offer Ms. Stutzman is that almost twice as many people were watching Greta’s On the Record on FOX News than were watching Lawrence’s shaming of her journalism on his show.


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